Attended a very interesting talk last night 3rd July 2013 called “the Ocean of Life” by Prof Callum Roberts hosted by the University of Edinburgh Sustainability Office’s. I found the talk very engaging and informative with some very interesting data presented showing the link between mankind and the population of the sea overlaid with the effect of two world wars and the following recovery that the data suggested had happened during the period of reduced fishing. He also spoke of the Firth Oyster, a booming industry of 30 million per annum reduced to near extinction. This professionally presented talk was followed up by a discussion group about the Scottish Environment LINK’s Marine Taskforce Save Scottish Seas campaign and how the public can get involved. The LINK Marine taskforce successfully campaigned for the Marine (Scotland) Act which came into force on the 10th March 2010. The Act radically alters the governance of our seas, and places important duties on Scottish Ministers to, amongst others, protect and where appropriate recover our seas, develop our first ever system of marine planning, and create a network of marine protected areas.

I will definitely be finding out more about this very important subject and also the Scottish Environment LINK forum.

Ocean of Life: Prof Callum Roberts